Aerosol Recycling Piercing Unit

(on optional storage bin)
Reasons for using our piercing units:
  • Custom built aerosol piercing and filtration units (unique design).
  • Save money by recycling your aerosol cans.
  • Save on hazardous waste disposal costs.
  • Release metals back into the recycling industry.
Aerosol Piercing & Filtration Unit Model 2 [Model: APU2]:
  • This unit is designed for empty aerosols up to 750ml volume.
  • It comprises a twin chamber compartment with piercing unit and carbon filtration unit.
  • An air pump is used to displace the released propellant.
  • The unit is all British design and manufacture.
  • Stainless steel construction.

Please note that the Aerosol Piercing and Filtration Unit Model 1 is discontinued, so please Contact Us for current prices.

Please view the below video of our Aerosol Piercing Unit in action, as featured on BBC Midlands News.

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